Our KTM suspension shop is the best in the country (no brag, just fact!). We know how to get KTMs working butter smooth, making your tires feel glued to the ground, and getting your KTM to turn like never before. We know the WP suspension on KTMs is too hacky on roots and rocks, harsh in the mid-stroke, yet bottoms too easily. There is too much front wheel deflection, and the front end pushes coming into turns then wants to stand up under throttle, especially in ruts. We fix all that and more.


NO ONE CAN MATCH OUR LEVEL OF DEVELOPMENT AND TESTING. We have a 1000 acre testing facility ( right out the garage door, and we test, test, test. We have more testing and development time with KTMs than all the other well known suspension shops combined. All our testing, combined with "thinking outside the box", has allowed us to develop some radically new changes to the internals on KTM's that REALLY WORK. We only do KTMs, and we have developed the best KTM suspension, period.



1. Ship us your forks and shock, we do the work and ship them back with clickers preset to known good settings, very little dial in required.

2. Ship us your forks and shock, we do the work, then come visit us with your bike in your truck/trailer, we bolt on the suspension, test ride and adjust clicker settings for you, then you ride at Highland Park for the day (or longer) and we help you dial it in until you are 110% happy.

. Bring the bike drop it off, we do the work, you come back and ride at Highland Park for the day (or longer) and we help you dial it in until you are 110% happy.



Shock revalve $295 Customized for weight/height/riding style/ability – you will love this!
Full Shock service $129  
Shock oil change & nitrogen charge $85  


The full service and revalving includes tear down, cleaning & inspection of internals, fresh oil and nitrogen charge. Additional parts and seals, if needed, are extra. Your shock does not hold much oil, and it should be changed frequently to maintain the performance of your shock. We recommend servicing the shock AT LEAST every 15 hours of hard riding/racing, sooner if you are an A or AA rider. We use only top rated Redline suspension fluid with the highest Viscosity Index rating available, virtually eliminating shock and fork fade due to heat!

This WP vacuum pump is required to properly service a KTM/WP shock. With the internal set up of a WP shock, it is impossible to bleed all the air out of the shock without a specialized vacuum pump. If you leave air in the shock, it will foam the oil, leaving you with reduced and inconsistent damping. The ONLY way to properly service a WP shock is with this piece of equipment. If your suspension service shop does not have this piece of equipment, they cannot properly service your WP shock, so be sure to ask how they bleed the air out of your shock. KTM world has three WP vacuum pumps – when you get your shock serviced here, it is vacuum bled and free of air. 




Fork revalve $295/pair
Full fork service(open cartridge non-bladder) $129/pair
Full fork service(closed cartridge bladder type) $129/pair
Fork oil change & nitrogen charge $105/pair
Fork oil change (non bladder forks) $95/pair




Full service and revalving include complete tear down & inspection, cleaning, fresh oil and nitrogen charge for the new bladder forks. Additional parts and seals, if needed, are extra. Your forks hold more oil than a shock and run cooler, so we recommend servicing

the forks every other time you service the shock, or AT LEAST least once every 30 hours of riding, sooner if you are an A or AA rider. We use only top rated Redline suspension fluid with the highest Viscosity Index rating available, virtually eliminating shock and fork fade due to heat!


Please note that there is and small extra charge for removal and installation of suspension components when you bring us a whole bike, but we do not charge extra to ride it and dial in your clicker settings when we have the whole bike. 



We get a lot of emails from folks asking about suspension, summed up as "My suspension seems pretty good, what do I need to do?" Or "My suspension isn't too bad, should I do anything with it"? The issue is that until someone rides a bike with superb suspension, they just don't know the difference between "seems pretty good" and "this stuff is awesome!". 

Most people that are past the novice stage of riding are held back by their stock or near stock suspension. They just don't know how good it can be, so they struggle along wondering why they can't hit that line, why the front end deflects on everything it hits, why the bike is harsh and dances around in the rough stuff, but will bottom on jumps. What we have achieved with KTM/WP suspension is really, really good, affordable, and directly addresses the WP harshness, front deflection, blowing through the stroke front and rear, bottoming, front wheel push, and keeps the tires on the ground in hack and in corners like they were velcro'ed there. 

No one puts in the kind of time and effort we do on KTM/WP suspension, and it shows in the quality of our work and the suspension performance we have achieved with KTM's. We know our constant R&D with KTM’s helps us to give you the very best KTM suspension available, we are very confident you will love it, and we guarantee your satisfaction. Although 99% of our customers find their upgraded suspension to be remarkably better than stock as soon as they try it, sometimes we have to help with clicker adjustments or tweak things a bit to make it work for different riding styles and terrain. We will work with you until your suspension works for you. You have a full 60 days with your new suspension to play with your clickers, get it dialed in, and even send it back to us for free internal tweaks if needed. If you are not happy, just return the suspension to us within 60 days, and we will return it to stock and refund 100% of the parts and labor cost for the suspension upgrades.

(PLEASE NOTE: Repair parts, like seals, bushings or damaged parts that were needed to complete your suspension work are not refundable). 

We have thousands of hours of research and development time spent on our suspension dyno and on the track, far more than anyone else has with KTM. When we hit a performance brick wall, we try everything to get around it, even crazy "outside the box" stuff, and when nothing works well enough to satisfy us, we identify the root cause of the problem, and make a prototype part to fix the problem. Often that means 30+ prototypes for a single part, to make sure we had it as good as it could be. I don't think anyone has gone to the extremes we have with R&D on WP suspension. We even hired a thermography expert to come set up his equipment so we could see exactly where heat is generated in the WP shock, how much, where it collects, and how well our reservoir designs were getting rid of it. 

Many prototypes are machined and thoroughly tested both on our suspension dyno and on the bike before we settle on the final design for any of our suspension products. We developed the shock and fork pistons because we could not get past some tuning issues with the stock pistons, no matter what valving we tried. We spent hundreds of hours on R&D developing our pistons, both seat of the pants testing and dyno testing. On the shock alone we went through 36 prototypes before we felt we had the best design combination of flow dynamics, low turbulence/cavitation, tuning range, and most importantly, what WORKED in a race. The reservoir was tested in 4 different sizes with 2 different fin designs and 3 different bladder shapes, 24 configurations total, to arrive at the best combination of function and heat dissipation. 


KTM World custom designed fork and shock pistons:
We also found that no matter what we did with the stock compression adjuster, we could not get 100% happy. The Super Adjuster was designed and tested just like the piston – through many hours of R&D, seat of the pants and on the dyno. It changes the flow characteristics between the shock body and the reservoir, and also gives a much wider tuning range for the high speed damping, allowing both more and less damping than the stock adjuster. The newest version will also allow tuning on both the compression side and the rebound side, something you do not get with the stock adjuster. 
Our oversize finned nitrogen bladder reservoir works far better than the stock piston style reservoir, and it dissipates a LOT more heat than the standard reservoir, or any other aftermarket reservoir. The piston in the stock reservoir has a lot of friction and stiction, creating extra heat, and since it reciprocates, there is always some hysterisis, or lag time, between what the shock pistons are doing and what the reservoir piston is doing, which creates a list of problems. Our new nitrogen bladder reservoir set up almost completely cures these problems, it runs far cooler, plus it is more compliant, and it's easier to get rid of cavitation points, both on the compression side and rebound side. Just running cooler solves fade issues and makes the oil last longer too. With our bladder reservoir, the oil inside comes in contact with a far greater portion of the reservoir body, the body is larger than any other reservoir body, and the large outside surface area created by the cooling fins really does a fantastic job removing heat from the reservoir and shock. In tests on our suspension dyno, the stock shock and reservoir will get to 250+ degrees in a few minutes of dyno time at 762mm/sec speed, but our reservoir runs a solid 70 degrees cooler, plus as I mentioned it has better and more compliant action. Installing our reservoir is a win-win-win situation. 



Photobucket If you decide to let us do your suspension, and the only regret you will have is that you did not do it the day you bought your bike. It will be the best money you will ever spend on your bike. You will love what our suspension work can do for your confidence level, plus you will crash less, ride faster, and will not be so beat up and tired on the last lap or at the end of a ride. Normal trail clutter – roots and rocks and such – will almost disappear, and things that used to make you pucker will no longer be of much concern. Your suspension will be plush, not blow through the mid stroke, the harshness will be gone, it won't bottom, and the front end deflection will be almost 100% cured. A huge part of the equation is that the tires will feel like they are stuck to the ground, the front won't push wide in turns, and turning/handling in general will be much improved. Racing and riding will be a lot more fun when your bike is working great. You will be smiling inside your helmet when the bike is working right. You'll see. 


The images below show a stock shock (left image) run on our dyno until the shock temp ran over 245 degrees F. Then we took this same shock and did a revalve using our piston, Super Adjuster, and finned bladder reservoir, put it back on the dyno for the exact same period of time, and I think the results speak for themselves. 

You can clearly see that most of the heat is generated in the shock body where the pistons move up and down in the body. The heat spreads as the oil moves through the shock and reservoir. There are significant reductions in heat build up in both the shock and reservoir with the KTM World modified shock, mostly due to the heat dissipating properties of the KTM World oversize finned nitrogen bladder reservoir: 



Our suspension work is available in stages, beginning with a complete revalve, which is $295 per end, or $590 for the whole bike. I highly, highly recommend you get the new fork and shock pistons we developed, and our revalve would be completely different and done to compliment the new pistons, if you get those. The pistons make a huge difference, nearly as much as the revalve itself, and are $149 for either the forks or shock, so $298 for both. I also highly recommend our oversize and finned nitrogen bladder reservoir kit, $169. It adds plushness, bottoming resistance, and dissipates a LOT of heat. One step further is installation of our new compression Super Adjuster, which increases flow between the shock body and the reservoir for more compliance on fast shock movements, like hitting square edged stuff, also gives you approx 60% additional adjustment on the HS adjuster, allowing both softer and harder adjustments to help cope with everything from EnduroCross to SuperCross. 

All of it together is the "Works Package", which you will absolutely love, and we give a discount on the Works package, reducing the cost to $1150 for all the parts I mentioned, including labor, shims, nitrogen, and very high quality thermally stable suspension fluid with a super high Viscosity Index rating of 407. 

Springs, if you need them, are about $260 for both forks and shock. The old style Progressive springs (P15, P30, etc) are not really progressive like you think, they are more a two stage spring with tight coils at one end, then a sharp transition to the next coil winding when the first set of coils goes into coil bind. They don't work very well. Too little spring early, then a sharp step up in the middle of the stroke. 

Note: Repair parts, like new seals, are extra if needed, but there is no additional labor once we are in there anyway. 

Suspension work is the number one thing we do in our service dept, and we have more testing time with KTM's than anyone. Having a suspension dyno and great riding park right out our back door really helps. We also race and are constantly evolving and improving our suspension set-ups in a way that other shops cannot. Being able to test between races, and even do back to back changes several times in a single day is huge for us. I feel we have the best suspension shop for KTM's in the country, and we have never had anything but praise for our suspension work. 

Feel free to contact us with any further questions – 770-748-0771